Friday, May 28, 2010

More class updates

Don't forget to keep checking the store calendar - we keep adding more and more classes!

We have a really unique and interesting opportunity in July. On July 24, we will be offering a full-day, semi-private wire-wrapping seminar, with Daniel Morgan. Daniel will be covering all the basics of wire-work, including tools, and different wire types. He will then lead the students in the creation of 2 separate wire-projects: a wire-wrapped cabochon pendant, and a bracelet.

This workshop is limited to 2 students, and to make things a little more interesting, the first student to sign up for the class gets to pick which bracelet design will be taught that day!

The fee for this workshop is $85 plus supplies. Don't miss out on the chance for a full day with Daniel - he is a fascinating instructor, and knows everything there is to know about wire, and will answer all your wire questions!

And by popular demand, we are offering Intro Art Clay Silver again on August 21. Angela wants to be able to teach more of her advanced classes, so this will most likely be our last Introductory Art Clay class for 2010. A lot of you have asked for this class, so mark your calendars now, and give us a call to get enrolled!

And don't forget all the classes that are just around the corner: Bead Embroidery, Cold Connections, Enameling on Copper, Viking Knit, & Copper Clay.

YaYa Beads is proud to be able to offer such a wide variety of classes, but getting all the dates & the instructor's schedules & the stars to align at the same time if tough - so if you see something that interests you, see if your schedule lines up with ours, because we can't always offer the classes we want to when we want to and when you want us to!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Viking Knit

We can now announce our newest class - Kathy Morris will be teaching Viking Knit on Tuesday, June 22.
detail of Viking Knit
Viking Knit is a gorgeous wire-weaving technique, and presents so many different possibilities.
For Kathy's class, the project will be a copper wire bracelet. Kathy will teach you and easy, fool-proof way to start your Viking knit, as well as teach you how to make your cones by hand from 18 g copper wire (unless you just really want to buy pre-made cones!)

The fee for this Viking Knit class will be $50, and will include absolutely all your supplies (unless you choose pre-made cones and/or clasps). Because Kathy will also be teaching students how to make S-hooks to clasp their finished bracelets with!
You won't want to miss this one - call us or come by to sign up!

Change, Change, Change

There is SO much new stuff going on here - if you haven't been by lately, you don't know what you are missing.

As always, we have lots of exciting classes coming up, and lots of new ones - the Enameling on Copper and the Bead Embroidery are right around the corner!

And I was just got the opportunity to offer a class in Viking Knit - this is a gorgeous wire technique, and I can't get any pics up today, but I will soon. While my preference for offering these speciality classes is to have them on the the Weekends, the Viking Knit class probably going to be taught on a Tuesday, due to the teacher's availability. THIS MAY CHANGE, though - so I will keep this newsletter up-to-date, as well as the calendar.

We have gotten in a lot of new goodies - we now have bead spinners (by popular request), some terrific polyester chain in beautiful colors (yes, I said guys won't believe the look and feel of this chain. It is gorgeous!).

And all our books and magazines are always, ALWAYS, 15% off. And we have a lot of new books!

And for all you Facebook folks out there, I have been working hard to create a Facebook page for the shop. This is where you can find us: YaYa Beads on Facebook. I really, really wanted this to be a purely business page, where folks could visit, see what is going on, and view photos, leave comments, etc. However, Facebook doesn't really allow the functionality for a business that I wanted for the store's page, so the shop's Facebook page is now some sort of hybrid business-personal page, that has to link through my personal profile to allow users to see all of our gorgeous photos and to leave comments. So please take the time to check us out on Facebook, and tell the world how great YaYa Beads is!

And if anyone out there is a Facebook guru, and can figure out how I can get photo albums directly on the YaYa page without having to route everyone through my personal Facebook page, stop by the shop and feel free to school me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Czech Glass

We have hundreds of beautiful new strands of Czech glass - new colors, sizes, and shapes! Come take a look!

Hope to see you soon!

YaYa Beads
109 Shartom Drive
Augusta. GA 30907
(behind the Washington Road Applebee's)