Thursday, May 26, 2011

Faceted ("3-cut") size 6 seed beads are here! And MORE!

And they are gorgeous. Mere words cannot describe them, so I won't even try.

But if you have seen the June/July 2001 Super Beadwork, this project is featured on page 40:

The pattern in the magazine is for a kumihimo bracelet, with the kumihimo rope created with these faceted (3-cut) Czech size 6 seed beads. The ones featured in the magazine are a wonderful, bright, rainbow mix which will go with almost any outfit, but these fascinating beads come in many gorgeous, Picasso-finished colors

These faceted seed beads are described as unusual and difficult to create, involving a 3 step process where the beads are first faceted with 3 cuts, yielding a 3-sided bead, essentially; then sent to a different company to receive their Picasso finish; and then sent to yet another company to be fire-polished. Whew!

No wonder they are so hard to find -- but YaYa Beads found them, and we have 6 beautiful colors to choose from, including the rainbow mix featured in the Super Beadwork article. But we have extremely limited quantities, and only 6 copies of the Super Beadwork issue left.

While the project in the magazine is Kumihimo, these beads would be ideal for so many techniques - bead crochet, right angle weave, peyote, stringing - just about anything you can dream up.

In addition to these brand new faceted seed beads, we have been to the bead show, and have hundreds and hundreds of strands of new gemstones and pearls, and new focal gemstones, new lampwork, new cabochons, and so much more.

So come on down and take a look!

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Hope to see you soon!

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