Saturday, April 6, 2013

Masters is here again!

It's that time of year again: Masters' Week

YaYa Beads will be open all next week, although we will be making a slight concession because of Masters: we will be opening 15 minutes late (at 10:15 instead of 10:00) on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

This is NOT because of any traffic issues - it is because exit 199 at I-20 is closed for a few hours every morning to "alleviate traffic" - and since that is my preferred way to get to the shop, I'm just going to stay home for a few extra minutes those mornings. I know I could use Riverwatch, but since all the traffic is being funnelled that way because of the closure at Washington Rd., I'd rather just avoid it.

So - we'll be here all week - how about you?

The traffic really and truly is NOT bad on the Stevens Creek side of I-20 during Masters' Week - you can't even tell the golf folks are in town unless you cross under I-20 heading toward the course. So don't fear the roads and the traffic - we are in the clear where the shop is. If you are coming from the downtown area, obviously, you want to avoid Washington Road - just take Riverwatch to Fury's Ferry, turn Left at Fury's Ferry and go one block, then turn Left onto Washington Rd, and you'll be about a block and a half from the shop. Easy!

Coming from other directions - not a problem! Just use your regular route!.

Hope we'll see you next week - we'll be running some special sales all week; different items will be discounted every day. Just check our Facebook page daily for sales info.
Hope to see you soon!

YaYa Beads
109 Shartom Drive
Augusta, GA 30907
(behind the Washington Rd. Applebee's)

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