Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Bead It!

Don't you hate it when you're working on a jewelry project at home, and you're missing a crucial element - like the right clasp, or a couple of beadcaps, or some crystals -- whatever the issue, you have to stop dead in your tracks - thwarted yet again by the bead fairies!

Well, YaYa Beads may have a solution for you: we have started a special weekly event known as "Just Bead It", where beaders can come to the shop on Wednesdays, bring all their stuff, and get set up at a station in the back room - plenty of room to spread out. YaYa will provide a beading mat, a little bucket, and a piece of paper, and you guys can get busy creating. When you find you need something from the shop to keep going, just come on out into the shop, hunt around 'til you find it, and right down the price(s) on your sheet of paper, and just keep going!

Any projects are fine - stringing, weaving, wire-wrapping - whatever you want to work on (but no chemicals, other than jeweler's glue, please). Just remember to bring your own tools! And feel free to bring lunch, snacks, drinks - the refrigerator is there for you use (and a microwave, too) OR you can step out for a lunch break!

We have been beta-testing this for a few weeks, and the participants have been having a great time, as well as getting a lot of projects completed! So you can be productive, and meet some new friends, and you can all share ideas and beading secrets and tips with each other.
YaYa staff is always on hand to help you match colors or find stuff, but "Just Bead It" is NOT a class, so we won't be available to teach you new techniques, or expand on your skills - this is just a great opportunity to have a fully-stocked bead studio at your disposal!
"Just Bead It" will begin as a regular event on Wednesday, August 4, and we hope you'll get the chance to enjoy these opportunities! Remember that we open at 11AM on Wednesdays!

Hope to see you soon!

And always remember to check our calendar for updates to classes, store closings, etc!

YaYa Beads
109 Shartom Drive
Augusta, GA 30907
(behind the Washington Rd Applebee's)

NOTE: The semi-private Wire Workshop on Saturday, 7/24, is now FULL. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in this class!