Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Class & Schedule Information

Wire-Wrapped Rings
: Sunday, August 8, 1PM

The class project is the Pharoah's ring (scroll down to the Hidden Bead Ring Picture - this is very similar to Pharoah's ring; then imagine it with a big shiny faceted Swarovski Rivoli!), with a Swarovski Rivoli crystal as the focal bead - this is a blingy project!

The class project will look very similar to the ring shown here at the right - except that this is a 4-prong setting with a Swarovski Rivoli crystal. Prong settings are difficult for beginners, so Daniel has modified this ring to teach it as a Pharoah's ring, with the same Swarovski Rivoli, so it is easier, but just as stunning.

Beaded Beads: Saturday, August 14, 10:30 AM. Ceil has added a few more beaded beads to her repertoire (and we will soon be added these pictures to the Shop's webpage), and will be teaching 2-3 different types, time permitting. Students who pick up the techniques faster than others will be able to progress a little more rapidly in this class, and will be the ones who may be able to learn the 3rd pattern. Ceil is easily able to adapt to different student's stitching skills and speeds, and everyone will get the one-on-one attention they need.

Samples of all the different beaded bead types available to be taught in this class are on display at the shop. Students should be prepared by 10:30 on the morning of class to tell Ceil what their 1st, 2nd, and possible 3rd choices are for the class - (everyone may have different choices - Ceil is very flexible!) But the class starts at 10:30, so if you want to examine the different beads designs and start picking out your beads, either come in one day before the class to start making your choices, or get to the shop well before 10:30 that morning, so you can do your picking and choosing! Please don't expect the class or the teacher to wait for you once class begins!

Introduction to Art Clay Silver: Saturday, August 21, 10:30 AM (this will be the LAST opportunity to take Intro Art Clay Silver until next year - Angela will be building on these skills in some of her more advanced classes for the rest of the year). No kidding folks - last intro class this year. Angie has some terrific advanced classes to offer, and we are moving on!

Photopolymer Clay
: Saturday, September 11, 10:30 AM. One of Angela's Advanced Art Clay classes, this class will teach you how to make your own stamps. We don't have this project on the YaYa Beads page - Angie hasn't taught it in over 3 years, but everyone loved it the last time she offered it. We also don't have an example in the shop right now, but Angie promises me she will get me one ASAP. But basically, you learn how to design and make your own stamps that you can use on Art Clay projects or in Cold Connections - or I guess even for plain old stamping on paper!

Wire-Wrapped Beaded Bangle Bracelet ("Maggie's Bracelet"): Sunday, September 12, 1PM. This bracelet combines traditional wire-wrapping techniques with beads - and you can use a wide choice of bead sizes and shapes, so be prepared to arrive early for class, so that you can make your selection!

Just 2 of the many variations on Maggie's beaded bangle - one with 4mm copper round beads, one with hand-woven peyote beads.

SEE* Pendant & Earrings: Friday, September 17, 10:30 AM - 6PM. SEE stands for Soldered, Epoxied, and Embossed. The SEE pendant/earring technique combines Soldering, Epoxying, and Embossing to create a uniquely individualized design - your finished product will be the result of the various materials you choose to add to your design, which may include glitter, different colors of embossing powder,pieces of metal, and whatever else Kathy has up her sleeve. Plus you choose the shape your pendant and earrings take - and the pendant and earrings certainly don't have to match. And if you don't want earrings, Kathy will let you make 2 pendants instead, because THAT is exactly how flexible she is!!

Cold Connections: Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 18-19, 9 AM - 6 PM (2-day workshop)

Viking Knit: Monday, September 20, 10:30 AM - 5 PM - this is wire-weaving class, taught by Kathy Morris. There are many, many applications for this technique, but the class project will be a copper bracelet, and you will also learn to make you own starter, so that you can continue to make more Viking Knit once you leave class!

Wire-Wrapped Celtic Necklace AND Celtic Earrings: Sunday, September 26, 1PM

These are 2 different projects, and 2 different techniques - and, obviously, they don't match - but both are Celtic.

OK - that is it for formal class schedule updates at this time. Please call the shop to register, or if you have any questions!

On a related class note, many of you have been asking about beading classes, wrapped loop classes, beadweaving classes, and chainmaille classes. I had hoped to get restarted with these in August, but I still can't talk, so I certainly can't teach yet. I have an appointment in late August to see an ENT about this unusual complication from my cervical disc surgery, and hope to be able to start talking by September, but I truly do not know what my prognosis is at this time. But YaYa beads is just not able to resume beading, beadweaving, or chainmaille classes until the teacher can talk, so please bear with us. Thanks!

Now - I'd like to remind everyone that our "Just Bead It" Studio Project Days start Wednesday, August 4 - we'd love to have you join us!

And don't forget that YaYa Beads is on Facebook - we'd love to have you join us there - get all the very latest updates! Just go to our page, and click "Like"! It's easy!

Hope to see you soon!

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